Trumpington Pavilion:
Opening Weekend,
14-15 November 2009
Trumpington Pavilion, July 2009.
The Pavilion was opened by the
Mayor of Cambridge, Councillor
Russ McPherson, on Saturday 14
November 2009. This was part of
a weekend of events to celebrate
the completion of the Pavilion.
The new building is leased from the City Council to the Residents'
Association and the City Council is providing a grant to support its operation.
The Residents' Association has appointed Roger Randall to manage the
building. In order to take on these new responsibilities, the Association has
been established as a company and is working hard to increase its
membership and involve local people in its activities. Graham Bass, the Chair
of the Residents' Association says "We are delighted to be taking on the
Pavilion and will ensure that it is run by local people for local people. The
project has been a great example of a partnership between local residents,
councillors and council officers."

Youth, football and community groups have been benefiting from the
facilities since July and the response has been very positive. Eleven year old
Brandon, one of the youth club participants, said "The Pavilion is cool
because we can come in and do lots of activities that ChYpPS run", while
Lewis Owen, Senior Project Worker for ChYpPS, said "It's nice to see a new
building that is well used and enjoyed by lots of members of the local

Andy Blackhurst, one of the local councillors who has supported the
development, said "I'm delighted at the transformation of the old Pavilion into
a striking modern building, which will provide a 'hub' for varied organisations
and activities, right in the heart of Trumpington.  It's particularly pleasing that
the local community is so involved both in the design and the future running
of the facility."
At the start of his visit, the Mayor unveiled a photographic exhibition which had been organised by
Mike Tuck and the ChYpPS youth group. Councillor McPherson was welcomed by Cathryn Raffan
(ChYpPS) and 8 year old Shanice Newman, who presented him with a drawing and said "The kids
who come here always have lots to do. I think the grown ups have worked really hard, making games
and activities enjoyable. There are always lots of different things to do and take part in, all the kids
always have lots of fun."

The Mayor was then invited by Graham Bass to mark the completion of the building. Councillor
McPherson said that he was impressed by the transformation of the building and how wonderfully
light the inside was and that the view across the playing field was fantastic. He praised the good
partnership between the City Council and the Residents' Association and the very community-focused
efforts of local councillors. He thought the Pavilion was a delightful place and commended it to the
audience. He toasted the success of the project, cut a ribbon and was presented with a bouquet by
long-time resident Audrey King, who reminisced about the original recreation ground and sports
pavilion that was in the area until the 1940s. As a permanent record of the event, there is a plaque in
the foyer commemorating the visit by the Mayor. Ken Hay (Head of Community Development in the
City Council) said "It was a very nice event and atmosphere, with good will in abundance".

There were other events running throughout the weekend, including soft play and story telling, bingo,
cookery class, tango demonstration, choir performance, talks and demonstrations and a football match.
These were backed-up by displays about the building, the local allotments and community orchard and
the ChYpPS activities. There were around 70 participants at the opening by the Mayor and nearly 200
at the other activities.

The reaction to the building and the events has been very positive. Local resident Jackie Etgart said
"It's a real community centre with a lovely atmosphere, it's nice that it's built up so quickly. There is
so much daylight inside, it's comfortable and great.", while Carol Holloway said "It's a lovely light and
airy space, it feels welcoming because of the open sitting out space at the back which can draw people
in, and it's a good size for parties - not too big. It's excellent to have the separate room for the pool
table so the kids can be in there and feel they have their own space."
This page is a report on the weekend.

You can also browse through photographs of the
Mayor's visit and other events on the Saturday
Sunday and check the programme of events
and a
video of the opening by Steve Kimberley.
Cathryn Raffan (ChYpPS) and Shanice Newman with Councillor Russ McPherson (Mayor of Cambridge) at the opening of the Pavilion, 14 November 2009. Photo: Stephen Brown. (Pavilion_4502)
Audrey King presented a bouquet to Councillor Russ McPherson (Mayor) at the opening of the Pavilion, 14 November 2009. Photo: Stephen Brown. (Pavilion_4524)
Cutting the ribbon at the opening of the Pavilion, 14 November 2009: Councillor Sheila Stuart (Deputy Mayor), Councillor Russ McPherson (Mayor), Roger Randall (Pavilion Manager), Cathryn Raffan (ChYpPS), Graham Bass (Chair, Trumpington Residents’ Association), Councillor Salah al Bander and Jean Stevens, with Shanice Newman, Owen Bass and Samuel Paynton in foreground, at the opening of the Pavilion, 14 November 2009. Photo: Stephen Brown. (Pavilion_4517)
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