Trumpington Residents'
Trumpington Village Sign unveiled June 2010, designed by Sheila Betts.
No Additional Development at
Trumpington Meadows
Developers are proposing an additional 500 homes and a 'sporting village' at
Trumpington Meadows, to the south of Trumpington. There is widespread
opposition in Trumpington, Cambridge and neighbouring villages to these
plans. Having agreed to 3700 homes which are now under construction, the
Trumpington Residents' Association says these additional proposals in the
Green Belt are totally unacceptable.
Approved developments

• Trumpington Meadows: 1200 homes, a primary school and country park
• Glebe Farm: 300 homes
• Clay Farm: 2200 homes, a secondary school, primary school, community and health centre and park

Additional proposals from developers

An additional 500 homes and a sports complex in the Green Belt to the south of the approved development at Trumpington
Meadows. The development would be west of Hauxton Road both sides of the motorway; this area is in Cambridge City and South
Cambridgeshire District.

Grosvenor is promoting a sporting village which would include extensive indoor and outdoor sports facilities over a wide area. The
development would also include an additional 500 homes in a Green Belt location which has been specifically ruled out for further
housing. We reject the location on Trumpington Meadows which is being promoted by Grosvenor.

Grosvenor and Cambridge United had also been proposing to include a 8000 capacity stadium to be used by Cambridge United and
another major team at this location but they withdrew that plan in January 2015.

Why are we against additional homes and a sports complex?

Grosvenor's proposals would:

• undermine the agreed strategy in the Southern Fringe Area Development Framework and the draft Local Plans, which stress the
importance of the urban edge to the city and the additional value of the Green Belt around Trumpington following the changes to the
Green Belt boundary in 2006;
• undermine the value of the green corridor between the city and neighbouring villages;
• undermine the approved plans for the Trumpington Meadows development;
• transform the southern gateway into Cambridge from a residential area into a mixed-use development;
• place significant pressure on local facilities, including the already approved primary and secondary schools, community and health
centres and sports facilities;
• place further pressure on public transport, the Trumpington Park & Ride site and already congested roads including the M11, the
route through Trumpington into the city and the roads through the neighbouring villages.

Cambridge City and South Cambridgeshire District Local Plans

Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council are developing new Local Plans, currently the subject of a joint
examination. In the draft Cambridge Local Plan, the City Council has concluded that it is "not satisfied that a compelling case exists
for the need for a community stadium in a Green Belt location" and "Opportunities have been taken at Trumpington to shape a new
Green Belt edge, which enhances the landscape setting of the city, as well as enhancing opportunities for recreational access" (
Local Plan, paras 2.56 and 2.59). Local residents have welcomed these conclusions against any further development in the local
Green Belt.
The threatened land at Trumpington Meadows, November 2013:
left, looking north from near the Hauxton Road/M11 junction
right, looking west from near the Hauxton Road/Addenbrooke's Road junction
The threatened land at Trumpington Meadows, from Hauxton Road, November 2013.
The threatened land at Trumpington Meadows, from Hauxton Road, November 2013.
The threatened land at Trumpington Meadows, November 2013, looking north from near the Hauxton Road/M11 junction.
The threatened land at Trumpington Meadows, November 2013, looking west from near the Hauxton Road/Addenbrooke’s Road junction.
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